Adult Education

Indiana Adult Education (AE) programs provide math, reading, and writing instruction free of charge to help you acquire the skills needed to earn a high school equivalency diploma, go to college, or enter an entry-level occupational certification program. You can even earn a high school equivalency diploma and an occupational certificate at the same time through our WorkINdiana program, allowing you to get back to work or switch careers quickly.

Whether you want to learn to read, prepare for your Indiana High School Equivalency Diploma (HSE), brush-up for college classes, or improve your English skills, Blue River Career Programs is the place for you.

English as a Second Language

If English is not your native language, enroll in our English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to strengthen your ability to speak, read, write, and understand English.

High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation

In January, 2014, the Indiana High School Equivalency (HSE) Diploma was based on the completion of a comprehensive test developed by CTB/McGraw-Hill instead of the GED® tests from GED Testing Service. If you have not received a high school diploma, you may enroll in this class and study for the subjects tested on the HSE. You’ll also learn computer and work-readiness skills. If you already have a high school diploma and want to brush-up on your skills prior to taking college entry exams, you may also enroll in this class. This is a great way to avoid remediation classes at college and prepares you for entry level college courses. Testing and placement services are offered free of charge.


Improve your reading, writing, and math skills with our tutoring and classes that offer individualized and small-group instruction.

WorkINdiana Certification Classes

workinEmployers want individuals with experience and training. A high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate alone may not be enough to get the job you need. Take your skills to the next level with WorkINdiana.

The WorkINdiana program allows you to earn your high school equivalency certificate or improve your skills in an Adult Education classroom, and earn a career certificate giving you the boost you need to get the job you want.

Choose from over 30 certifications and start a career in Advanced Manufacturing, Business Administration and Support, Health Care, Hospitality, Information Technology, or Transportation and Logistics. Choose one today; start earning tomorrow.

Click on the following link for more information.
WorkINdiana Summary

Note: If you want to enroll in any of the Adult Education classes, you will be assessed prior to enrollment and throughout the training program. Assessment results determine your placement, advancement, and educational needs.


All classes are multi-strategy (lecture, computer-assisted, individualized, small/large group, etc.) and meet Monday through Thursday. Students participate in an initial assessment process and then choose an appropriate class and schedule based upon tests results and personal goals.

Students may be asked to study basic skills in written communication, mathematics, and reading comprehension. Emphasis will be placed on those skills necessary to be successful in entry-level employment, to transition to the HSE test, or to be successful in entry-level college courses or other training.

Students are strongly encouraged to make use of the available computer software to practice the skills and content learned in class, to complete homework assignments, or to learn work-related computer skills.

Only registered students are allowed to attend class or tutoring sessions. Guests, children, and pets are not allowed in the classroom.



Location Address City Phone Schedule
Blue River Career Programs 801 Saint Joseph Street Shelbyville 317-392-2197 Monday through Thursday 9AM-noon, 5pm – 8pm
Southeast Community Services 901 Shelby Street Indianapolis 317-510-0210 Monday through Thursday 9am-noon, 5pm-8pm
ELL Class at Blue River Career Programs 801 Saint Joseph Street Shelbyville 317-392-2197 Tuesday and Thursday 12:30PM-3:30PM or 5PM-8PM
ELL Class at Southeast Community Services 901 Shelby Street Indianapolis 317-510-0210 Tuesday and Thursday 12:30PM-3:30PM or 5PM-8PM


Shelbyville Classes:
  • Contact Mrs. Redd at 317-392-2197 for Shelbyville Classes.
  • Contact Mrs. Harper at 317-510-0210 for Indianapolis Classes.
  • Register for one of the orientation sessions that follow:


  • Bring a current government issued photo ID on the first day of registration.
  • Bring an EXIT or WITHDRAWAL FORM if age sixteen (16) or seventeen (17).

A student must be at least sixteen (16) years of age to register for an ABE class. A sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) year old student must present upon application an Exit or Withdrawal Form from his/her sending school. The form must be signed by the school principal. In addition, if the student wishes to take the HSE Test, the signature from the director of Blue River Career Center must be obtained. If a student presents with a Withdrawal or Exit Form that states the student is transferring from the sending school to home school, the Adult Education Department will give the parent/guardian an Exit Form to complete. The Exit Form may also be accessed at the following site:


Students are not required to purchase a textbook for this course. Textbooks will be made available during class for student use. Students who are studying to take the HSE test may want to purchase a Texas Instruments TI-30xs multi-view calculator as this is the kind of calculator that students may use on one part of the math and science HSE  test. Students should bring to class a notebook or 3-ring binder with filler paper and writing materials. Please note: textbooks are not allowed outside the classroom.

High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing

Blue River Career Programs (BRCP) and Southeastern Community Services are official HSE Testing sites. The test is ONLY offered at official testing sites throughout Indiana. Testing can be done by taking either a computer-based test or the traditional pencil/paper test. Although the test can be delivered via the computer, it is NOT available to take online.

Who Is Eligible to Take the HSE Test?

The Indiana HSE test may be administered only to individuals who meet the following minimum guidelines:

  • Does not hold a diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent; and
  • Is a resident of the state of Indiana for a minimum of thirty (30) days immediately preceding the day of testing; and
  • Either has officially exited high school; or Is at least eighteen (18) years of age;
Special Requirements for 16 & 17 Year Olds:
  • You must have an Exit Interview Form from the last school you attended.
  • Out-of-state students must have verification of withdrawal from last school attended.
How to Sign Up for the HSE Test
  • You must sign up in person for the test during regular office hours. The main office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • You must pay for the HSE Test at the time of registration. To take the entire test the cost is $90.00. A re-test is $ 18.00 per subject area. The test must be paid for in cash or a money order. You must bring exact change if paying in cash. Money orders should be made payable to Blue River Career Programs. Personal checks and/or credit cards are not accepted in payment of the test. Vouchers from outside service providers, such as a regional employment office (WorkOne), are also an acceptable form of payment.
  • You must complete a registration form. All requested information must be provided at the time of registration. This includes an Indiana address, working telephone number, social security number, and an emergency contact name and phone number.

Valid driver’s licenses, valid passports, military IDs, or other forms of government-issued (national or foreign) identification that show name, address, date of birth, signature, and photograph are all acceptable forms of identification for this purpose.

If you cannot supply a photo ID due to religious issues, then you must supply both an official birth certificate with state seal and a Social Security Card to prove identity.

If the form of identification used does not establish Indiana residency, then a second form of identity establishing Indiana residency for a minimum of thirty (30) days must be shown. This second form may be a utility bill, rental agreement, or other similar form.

Minimum Passing Score

To earn a passing score on the Indiana HSE test, you must receive a scale score of 500 in each of the five (5) subtests. Each subtest must be passed, but you do not need to achieve an overall average score in order to earn a credential.

Time Limit

You must complete the full battery of HSE tests within sixty (60) calendar days from the start of the first subtest. It is not necessary for you to pass all subtests during this timeframe. If the full battery of HSE tests remains incomplete on the sixty-first (61) day, test scores for completed subtests will be invalidated. If your scores are invalidated you must retake the invalidated tests and will have sixty (60) calendar days to complete the HSE test battery.


You may not retest in any subject until the full test battery has been completed. Because there are three forms for the HSE test, you will be eligible to immediately re-test twice in a calendar year. If you want to test a fourth time in any subject in a calendar year, you must wait six months from the initial test before the fourth test can be administered. In the event that you score lower on a retest than on a previous test, the highest score will be kept.


The state of Indiana HSE Diploma can be neither earned nor obtained via the Internet or through correspondence programs. The HSE tests often require extensive preparation and/or the demonstration of a high level of high school knowledge and academic skills. Tests are administered only at approved HSE Testing Centers under the direction of trained examiners. Any other HSE diploma or “high school equivalency certificate” not issued by the Indiana Adult Education Department of Workforce Development may not be accepted by employers, colleges, universities, or the military unless the certificate is a legitimate document from another state. Contact us if you have any questions about this.

Already have your HSE but Need a Copy of Your Records?

When an individual attains scores in Indiana sufficient to be issued an Indiana High School Equivalency, a transcript is sent to the address provided by the tester at the time of testing. Additional copies may be requested by contacting Diploma Sender at You may request as many copies of transcripts as you need. Diploma Sender charges a minimal fee for transcripts. Most postsecondary educational institutions, employers and the military require only the transcript.

Can I Pick Up a Record in Person?

No, all record requests must be submitted to


Office Hours: Monday- Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Location: 801 St. Joseph Street, Shelbyville, IN 46176
Fax: 317-392-5741