Ivy Tech Firefighter Scholarship

We Need Volunteers.

7 out of 10

firefighters and emergency responders are volunteers, and your community needs more volunteers like you.

If you’ve got the heart to serve your community in ways few can, we’ve got opportunities for you.

As Indiana’s Community College, in partnership with the Indiana Volunteer Firefighter’s Association, we want to take care of the people who will keep our communities safe.

If you become an active member of a volunteer fire or EMS service provider, serving as a volunteer firefighter or EMS responder, you can apply to most Ivy Tech programs offered and may receive free tuition while serving your community.

To learn more about the admissions process for our public safety scholarship, visit IvyTech.edu/volunteer or ivfa.org.

What is the Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship?

There is a shortage of volunteer firefighters, particularly in rural areas. The scholarship provides funds for individuals in any program at Ivy Tech Community College as long as they are an active volunteer firefighter or EMS personnel.

How long is the Scholarship available?

Ivy Tech Community College is planning to pilot funding the program for the next two academic years (2020-2021 and 2021-2022). The funding includes tuition and technology fees, but limited funds are available. Ivy Tech hopes the pilot program will provide information for the state of Indiana in hopes that they will fund a statewide program in the future.

Why is this opportunity so important to Ivy Tech Community College?

Public safety is a community need. As Indiana’s Community College, Ivy Tech believes it is important to help public safety entities recruit and retain individuals who will keep our communities safe.

Who is eligible for the Scholarship?

Any individual who is a volunteer firefighter or a volunteer EMS personnel who meets Ivy Tech Community College’s admissions criteria.

What other enrollment criteria is there?

The student must enroll as a “degree seeking” student. They can be existing Ivy Tech students or new enrollments. They can attend full-time or part-time and there is no credit hour limit (minimum or maximum) to take per semester. Students must maintain satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Are there any exceptions?

Returning and current students must not have a balance with Ivy Tech Community College and must
be SAP eligible. The scholarship will not pay for previous outstanding balances.

What if the student is a paid firefighter and a volunteer firefighter?

Can they receive the scholarship?

No. This scholarship is intended to recruit individuals to become new volunteer firefighters and is intended for those individuals who work in another career, have to spend their own time getting trained as a firefighter or emergency management service worker, and don’t get paid to do so.

What if the student already has a degree?

Are they still eligible?

Yes, Ivy Tech Community College will provide scholarships to those individuals who are interested in changing careers if they enroll in a high-demand program for a particular community.

However, since funds are limited, Ivy Tech reserves the right to prioritize those students who do not already have a degree on a case by case basis depending on the needs of the community.

In what programs can the student enroll?

The scholarship will cover tuition and technology fees for all for-credit programs at Ivy Tech Community College except flight, aviation and general studies.

How long is the scholarship available?

Ivy Tech Community College has agreed to provide funding for these students for two years, up to $250,000. If additional funding becomes available, students could be eligible to receive continued funding according to parameters aligned with the additional funds.

The intent of this initiative is to provide students with funding through an associate degree, which means students could earn a
certificate and a technical certificate prior to the associate degree.

Funding will end after the first associate degree or a total of 60 credit hours or sooner if no additional funds become available after
the two year pilot.

What if the student receives state or federal aid?

Can they still receive aid for this?

Yes. Ivy Tech Community College will use state and federal aid first toward the costs of tuition and fees, and then cover any unpaid amount with the Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship. Students must first file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

However, if the student is in default or overpayment then they are not eligible to move forward with federal financial aid.

Will students have to meet the state’s FAFSA deadline?

No. However, Ivy Tech Community College encourages all students to meet the State’s deadline of April 15 to ensure they can possibly receive maximum aid.

If the student is in default or overpayment then they are not eligible to move forward with federal financial aid.

What if the student receives funding from the Workforce Ready Grant (Next Level Jobs program)?

Workforce Ready Grant is state aid. This aid will be applied first before the Scholarship. Students will be eligible to continue toward an associate degree, once they complete the WRG credential.

What happens if a student drops out of Ivy Tech Community College or quits the emergency service?

Students who are no longer active with an emergency service will no longer be eligible to receive the scholarship. Ivy Tech will not require students to repay the amounts that they may have received in
past terms.

Additionally, if a student drops out of Ivy Tech, the student may be required to repay tuition and fees based on currently existing state and federal laws for aid they may have received in addition to the Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship.

However, they will not be required to repay the Volunteer Firefighter Scholarship award.

What proof will be required for the individual to show that he/she is a volunteer?

The student must provide documentation to the Registrar’s office prior to their initial enrollment and receipt of the award. Information affirming the student’s current association with the emergency service organization must be resubmitted every Fall term.

If the student drops out for a period of time, new documentation must be presented upon their re-enrollment at Ivy Tech Community College.

How does the student sign up?

An additional application is not required, but the student still needs to apply to Ivy Tech Community College and follow the enrollment process.

The student also needs to notify their local Registrar’s office of their potential eligibility and submit the documentation outlined above to support their association status with the eligible emergency service.