National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is a highly respected organization nationwide. The charter for the Blue River Career Programs (BRCP) NTHS is open to students who have participated at BRCP from all five sending Shelby County high schools. The society requires that the members meet certain criteria in the areas of academia, leadership, character, and service. During the Month of August, BRCP students can apply for the Society. Candidates for
the NTHS Society will be selected by the following procedure:

1. The selection process will begin in the fall semester. Juniors and Seniors with a 3.0 cumulative GPA (based on 4 semesters and 6 semesters respectively), and who have completed a minimum of 4 credits within the Career and Technical Education (CTE) coursework beyond Preparing for Colleges and Careers will be academic eligible to apply.

2. Each of the eligible candidates will receive a Student Activity Information Form. The candidate will list his/her high school activities including offices that they may have held. School and community service information must be completed by the student and school counselor before the application is submitted to BRCP. BRCP will verify the information on the application. In addition, any letters of recommendation on the student’s behalf should be attached to the activity form. This activity form is vital because the candidate’s service and leadership will be determined by the information listed.

3. Part of the NTHS selection process will include returning the Student Activity Information Form BY the deadline listed. This will be listed as part of the instructions, and it will help fulfill the character trait of responsibility. Responsibility character trait information will also be determined by the student’s attendance records. Each of the candidate’s attendance will be reviewed by the BRCP administrative staff. The BRCP Chapter will expect its candidates to have a ninety five percent (95%) attendance rate from the previous school year. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances. Candidates should understand that these Student Activity Forms are not applications for members, and that review of information gathered does not guarantee selection.

4. The BRCP National Technical Honor Society council consisting of counselors from all five (5) Shelby County high schools, and two (2) BRCP administrative/faculty staff. The council will meet to evaluate the candidate’s completed Student Activity Information Form and all documents attached such as letters of recommendation. Only students who have met all four criteria of academia, leadership, character, and service will be reviewed for selection. Candidates receiving the majority vote of the BRCP council will be inducted into the chapter.

5. All candidates will receive a letter either a) informing them of their selection to the Blue River Career Programs National Technical Honor Society or b) informing them of their non-selection at this time. Juniors not selected will receive suggestions and advice explaining what they may do to be considered the following year. Our mission is to prepare students for global competition and to enrich the quality of life by pledging superior, innovative education and training opportunities developed through the forward-thinking and collaborative efforts of area schools, communities, businesses and industry.