Automation & Robotics

Course Description

Industrial Automation and Robotics I, will introduce students to design and programming concepts in basic robots that use sensors and actuators to solve specific problems and complete specific tasks. This will include introductory programming autonomous mode. Students will also learn to program a humanoid robot, tethered and in autonomous mode, able to react to specific circumstances and perform human-like tasks when programming is complete. This course will provide fundamentals in industrial robotics basic programming and operations. Students will program an industrial robot through exploration of a teach pendant and use proper programming commands with hands-on utilization of an industrial robot. This course will provide fundamental knowledge and skills in basic lasers, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanics, basic electronics, and programmable logic controllers along with an understanding of career pathways in this sector.


This one or two year program is open to sophomores, juniors or seniors.

Students may earn a maximum of six (6) high school credits per year.


Jeremiah Dunn

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