Health Sciences

This program provides students with technical knowledge in the fundamentals of health care, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, medical ethics, CPR , first aid, HIPAA compliance and much more. Students will gain a broad knowledge base regarding the many allied health occupations available in today’s health are system.

Each student has the opportunity to:

  • learn leadership skills as a member of HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)
  • participate in philanthropic activities to benefit the community;
  • participate in clinical experiences through a rotation at local hospitals, long-term health care facilities and clinics;
  • learn empathy and understanding of their fellow human beings, without regard to race, cultural background, religion or socio-economic standing.

Course Description

Blue River Career Programs’ Health Sciences course is for students who want to explore the variety of occupations within the health care industry.

Students have the opportunity to explore a number of health related disciplines, learn associated entry level skills and compare the educational requirements, credentialing, and job opportunities of each discipline with their personal abilities and interests as a means of making informed career choices.

Additionally, this course integrates Anatomy and Physiology and related medical terminology, as well as the certified nurse aide (CNA) curriculum and certification

Students will learn the structure, organization, and function of various systems of the healthy human body and the necessary medical terminology associated with those body systems.

Students are exposed to varied instructional strategies from online, traditional, off-site fieldtrips as well as guest speakers.

This course is recommended for students considering BRCP’s Health Science II, EMS or WBL program.


This is a one–year program open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Students may earn a maximum of six (6) high school credits per year as well as up to six (6) dual credits from Ivy Tech Community College.


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Dual Credit